DOSA KING

“Good for both south and north Indian food”

Reviewed June 25, 2011

We have just come back from our second meal in two days at Dosa King in the heart of Sukhumvit. On Soi 11, it is surrounded by a few other Indian places but even though this is vegetarian only, it beats them hands down in terms of flavour, service and value for money.

After a less than average experience at across the road from Dosa King, we came back here to try some more dishes. Though yesterday we only had a dosa each, today we wanted to try the north indian cuisine too.

As an aapetiser we had Paani Poori - fluffy wheat balls into which you add some of potato, chick pea, tamarind chutney and mint water. These were yummy.

We then shared a Cholle Bhature, a north Indian classic which for some reason is hidden much later in the menu (no 121). The chick pea curry was mild and tasted home made. We got two Bhaturas with it which were quite a good sized and really we didn't need any more food. Though as we hadn't expected this to be large enough we had also ordered the masala dosa as we were so impressed by it yesterday.

We were quite full but managed to polish off the dosa too.

My only negative comment would be that the dosa today was a little burnt on the under side.

The staff are very friendly and the place has been full of Indians each time we have been.


Visited June 2011

What is a Dosa, you ask? It's a South Indian dish of curry or other
Savory filling folded into a large, lentil and flour tortilla or crepe
(depending on your orientation) and served with coconut or coriander sauce. Very tasty and all 100% vegetarian, a comfort for some. Dosa king does have other traditional Indian dishes, but stick with the house special and enjoy a quick, healthy meal for very little while trudging along Sukhumvit.

                                                                                                  Frommer's Review

Dosa King
Most of Bangkok’s top Indian restaurants have decent vegetarian menus, but Sukhumvit Road’s Dosa King is one of the few that goes all the way. Every dish is vegetarian but there’s a great selection of vegan meals too -- specified right on the menu -- such as aaloo chaat, samosas, bhindi masala and a huge menu of delicious dosas.

Published November 1st, 2010 by: 

Dosa King - This casual Indian restaurant specializes in dosa, or Indian crepes. Everything at Dosa King is vegetarian and with tons of filling choices, you can get a delicious dosa that will really please. For appetizers, try the Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Pakora (fried vegetables in batter), Tikki Chaat (potato patties) or Masala Vada (deep fried patties with spices). Dosas include Paper Dosa (stuffed with onions, potatoes and chutney), Dosa Paneer (filled with cottage cheese and chutney), or Dosa Mix Vegetable Filling (spicy veggies). You can also order lots of northern Indian rice, yoghurt and veggie dishes and don't forget the traditional Indian desserts. Dosa King is also in an awesome location, just around the corner from the Nana BTS sky train station.

Published January 27, 2010 by:
Cassandra James 

If you like Indian food, there's really many places in Bangkok where you can have a meal. My tip is Dosa King, which serves North and South Indian Vegetarian food. Frankly, I am not an expert, so i can't tell you the difference, but it tastes good, there's airco, the hectic traffic of Sukhumvit is far, far away and the price is good. 

"This restaurant is 100% vegetarian and serves authentic Indian food from the North and South of India. Very clean, good staff and very reasonably priced. They
everything on order so it's fresh every time I eat there".

                              DOSA KING IS A 100% PURE VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT